A brief guide to eco-emotions: an information pack for activities with young people and students

We are living in the midst of an environmental crisis that is taking its toll on our mental health. What does environmental anxiety tell us? How can we live with the emotions evoked by the environmental crisis?

This brief guide to eco-emotions offers tips for understanding environmental anxiety and promoting mental wellbeing in the era of environmental crisis. No one should be left alone to survive with these hardships, and supportive communities are more needed than ever.

It is up to adults to build the safest possible future for young people by strengthening their mental health, their sense of community and their agency. Your work with young people makes a huge difference!

The thought-provoking and practical guide is aimed at professionals and volunteers working with young people and young adults, for example in youth work, secondary schools or higher education.

The guide is part of the publications of the Finnish eco-anxiety project “Ympäristöahdistuksen mieli”.

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